Exhibitors 2023

Mia Products

Food and cosmetics


Rottenweg 165
CH-3998 Reckingen
+41 (0)79 687 54 54


We are a small company that grows hemp and herbs in the Goms and processes them into various products such as tea, cosmetics, syrup, pasta, etc.

The hemp products from www.mia-products.ch come directly from the sunny Valais to stand 180 Hanfwarenhaus at the international hemp trade fair CannaTrade 2023 from May 12th to 14th in Hall 622 Zurich

Cheese dairy - Restaurant Berghof



CH-9608 Ganterschwil
+41(0) 71 983 15 72


The organic Berghof hemp seed cheese is made in the restaurant cheese dairy www.berghof-ag.ch with the finest organic hay milk from local farms.

It is characterized by its high-quality hemp seeds, which are particularly rich in vitamins and omega fatty acids.

You can also find this hemp product at our stand 180 Hanfwarenhaus at the international hemp trade fair CannaTrade 2023 from May 12th to 14th in hall 622 Zurich.




Aemtlerstrasse 152
CH-8003 Zürich
+41 44 242 52 96



The "Schöne vom Albis" hemp variety comes from the offspring of an old European fiber hemp variety that has disappeared from the seed trade. It is a stable, dioecious variety, so it produces 50% pure female plants and 50% pure male plants. The harvested Seeds form the seeds for the following year.

Blossoms and leaves as a substitute for tobacco:

The threshed out female inflorescences are ideal for vaporizing.


Exclusively outdoor: no cuttings, no feminized seeds and no other hybrids.


Only within Switzerland and only by post .Blossoms and leaves as a tobacco substitute can only be ordered by adults

Order on www.hanfsamen.ch or direct at Hanfwarenhaus, booth 180 / CannaTrade 2023 from 12 to 14 may,  hall 622 in Zurich.




Schemmerbergerstraße 21
D-88487 Baltringen
Tel. +49 07356 937700


CHIRON - the hemp pioneer. 25 years of hemp cultivation in Germany. As a partner to agriculture, CHIRON has been committed to hemp cultivation in Germany since 1997. Meanwhile, more than 250 hectares are growing, especially in Upper Swabia, Bavaria, Thuringia and Saxony. Hempfood is handcrafted on site by local  manufactories and by the organic farmer / oil mill Armin Bauschatz.

Consumer demand for hemp foods has increased significantly for several years. Hemp seeds, with their ideal fatty acid spectrum and high proportion of omega-3, contain a lot of high-quality protein and iron. They are now considered the local "superfood".

We invite you to taste and of course buy the delicious sauces and spreads at our Hanfwarenhaus stand 180 at the international hemp trade fair CannaTrade 2022 from 12 to 14 May in Hall 622 in Zurich.

Sappa Group



Bergerweg 4
I - 39023 Tschengls (BZ) Italy ​
Tel: +39 348 353 6051


The acoustic panels from www.sappagroup.com represent the innovative and consistently sustainable solution for acoustic comfort.

Made of hemp, a rapidly renewable natural raw material, and natural lime-based binder (cement-free). For interior use, walls and ceilings, on all surfaces.

To see and test at booth 180, Hanfwarenhaus, at the international hemp trade fair CannaTrade in hall 622, Zurich, from May 12th to 14th, 2023


Natural construction materials


Winterthurerstrasse 21
CH-8310 Kemptthal
+41 (0)52 635 30 30


Would you like to build a new house, renovate or insulate better?

Then www.stroba-naturbaustoffe.ch is the right place for you. Get advice at the stand 180 Hanfwarenhaus at the International Hemp Trade Fair CannaTrade 2023 from 12 to 14 May in Hall 622 in Zurich.

Previously used for ropes or clothes, hemp is now being rediscovered as a building material.

The renewable raw material offers excellent insulating properties and during its growth, it binds more CO2 than other agricultural crops.




Hempions GmbH
Bucherstrasse 34
A-6922 Wollfurt
+43 720 302244


The company www.hempions.com  makes the most delicious innovations from the superfood hemp seeds.

In addition, the young company combines healthy & sustainable with delicious & simple and has already created a wide range of innovative organic hemp products. This includes Hemp Harmesan, a plant-based Parmesan alternative made from hemp seeds, various spreads such as hemp butter, hemp cream Cheasy and chocolate, pasta, snacks and much more.

To be found at booth 180 Hanfwarenhaus at the international hemp trade fair CannaTrade Hall 622 Zurich.

CBD Manufaktur



Oltnerstrasse 42
CH-5012 Schönenwerd
+41 (0)76 722 25 60


Producer of Swiss CBD blossoms and HEMP “raw material!

In its own breeding facilities,  “CBD Manufaktur” cultivates HEMP blossoms with a wide range of aromatic aromas at high CBD values.

Swiss specialist workshop for CBD HEMP products!

“CBD Manufaktur” produces and markets Swiss HEMP products under the swizzTOPzz brand name such as HEMP blossoms for the passionate connoisseur, as well as the finest products to eat based on HEMP seeds and leaves from HEMP herbs.

Training in cultivation, processing and the products!

As a competent partner, the “CBD Manufaktur” team accompanies your projects from the beginning of the planning up to the completion of the realization.

But not only: as expert trainer, the “CBD Manufaktur” team  also takes over the training in the work processes of your projects, from cultivation to after the harvest or helps as consultant in the application of individual HEMP products.

You can find the delicious Basler Läckerli with hemp from www.cbdm.ch at our stand 180 Hanfwarenhaus at the international hemp trade fair CannaTrade 2023 from 12 to 14 May in hall 622 Zurich

Ferme La Lizerne



Rue du Village 16
CH-1304 Dizy
+41 (0)78 640 67 67


The farm  “La Lizerne” is an organic family estate passed down from father to son for several generations. The company is located in Dizy, where our family originated.

The production of food hemp for seed and oil has been a flagship project of the farm for more than 10 years. Traditionally, field crops and dairy cows have always been present there.

That's not all, we are also present in the field of the production of vegetable seedlings as well as in the reception of travelers thanks to our rural lodging.

Alpen Pionier AG



Weststrasse 9
CH-7205 Zizers
+41 (0)78 716 90 96


From the beautiful Bündnerland, to nibble, drink, bake and cook

Hemp as a foodstuff - that is the vision of AlpenPionier. It reads like a fairy tale but is not joke. Two food technologists, a gardener, a professional snowboarder, a hempist and a top chef meet. The common vision: recultivate and bring back to the plate food hemp in Switzerland. Add more foodies, strategists and communicators and the hip bunch is perfect. But if you think that the hemp plant is a new fad, you're missing out. Because hemp is one of the oldest traditional crops and Ornamental plants on earth and was cultivated here in Switzerland, often in Graubünden, up until the 1950s and is considered one of the greatest suppliers of nutrients that nature has to offer and has untapped potential.

Since 2017,  the pioneers from the Bündnerland are on the move throughout Switzerland to put the vision of a modern use of the hemp plant into practice. This is where AlpenPionier comes in back on - with oil, hemp powder, their “Kinohanf” and hemp pasta or the classic hemp tea as well.. The focus is on the hemp nut. The seeds of the food hemp plant contain a concentrated load of nutrients, such as healthy fatty acids, minerals, vitamins and up to 25% proteins.  The locally grown hemp nut can effortlessly replace the previously most important source of vegetable protein, imported soy.

The Alpine pioneers have already achieved the goal of bringing what is probably the most underestimated crop of our time back onto the menu in many places. Today, they process more than 40 tons of hemp nuts per year , which they grow and harvest together with Swiss organic hemp farmers, thereby making food production a bit more regional and sustainable.

Get the hemp products from www.alpenpienier.ch from us at stand 180 Hanfwarenhaus at the international hemp trade fair CannaTrade 2023 from May 12th to 14th, Hall 622 Zurich


Hemp bed linen and towels


Kivikkotie 13
F-99800 Ivalo


Bed linen and bath towels from the far north of Finland made of hemp fibers by www.hempea.fi.

"Welcome tranquility. Simple beauty and softness to your home. HEMPEA hemp bed linen and towels are made from 100% European hemp in Lapland, Finland. Inspired by the pure northern nature.

The collection includes timeless pieces for your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and nursery."

You can find us at stand 180 Hanfwarenhaus at the international hemp trade fair CannaTrade 2023 from May 12th to 14th in hall 622 Zurich.




Aeulestrasse 1
FL-9495 Triesen
+41 79 423 83 22


Handmade natural soaps from vegetable oils and fats.

With herbs and flowers from the garden.

Each bar of soap is unique and packaged with love.

Khala Design



Lenaustr. 5

D-81373 München
Tel. +49 16095660901 


Opportunities through cooperation

By acting together, we are committed to equal opportunities and social justice. Khala creates attractive jobs, promotes potential and talent and builds sustainable structures.

Appreciation of the handcraft

Khala is committed to spreading the slow fashion principle. Appreciating the craftsmanship, time and effort that goes into each product, means emphasizing quality over quantity.

Expanding horizons and building trust

Through global communication and collaboration, people come together and gain valuable insights into the world that extends beyond their own nose. This is how we build bridges between countries and continents and enable an exchange of knowledge, experience and perspectives.

Legend Products GmbH



Kleinguschelmuth 117
CH-1792 Gurmels
+41 (0)79 192 68 32


Swiss "pure nature", characterized by quality and strength.

Products: Made according to traditional recipes.

Therapies and advice

Consulting and training: GACP, GMP and NarcA.

Chronic Ice

Herbal Iced Tea


Chronic GmbH
Burgstrasse 51
CH-9000 St. Gallen


The Chronic ICE with its legendary taste was already established in 1996. Through a steam process, the intense cannabis notes are extracted into a concentrate that provides the foundation for our Chronic ICE. This process allows us to enjoy completely legal cannabis, as no THC is extracted, in fact there is > 0.0025 mg/kg of the intoxicating tetrahydrocannabinol in our Iced Teas.

So there's no need to worry, there's no threat of a fine or anything like that, just absolute enjoyment.

The perfect drink to relax, as the relaxing effect remains. The Ice Tea is vegan and low in calories and therefore still meets the taste of today.

Lakeside Valley Distillery



Büttenenring 1a
CH-6006 Luzern
Tel. +41 41 511 46 40


Experience magical moments with our unique gin creations from Lucerne

Gin is more than just an alcoholic beverage. Gin hides a profound, genuine soul that needs to be discovered. A luxury food for connoisseurs who know and appreciate the true values of this spirit - a drink that lets us pause for a moment in pleasant calm:

This is GIN.

Our mission

Our goal was to find the best botanicals from the Alpine region, find out their unique aromas in different production processes, combine them for a harmonious, perfect taste and bring this way Switzerland into the glass. A concept that obliges:

A sustainable gin that is not only made of ingredients from the Alpine region, but also, thanks to the entire production chain, can proudly bear the Swiss Made designation and provides moments of surprise in terms of colour.

Cannabissimo - Fitness Coffee



Via Ungaretti 10, zona ind. Ripoli
IT-64023 Mosciano Sant’Angelo
Tel. +39 0861 212729


Our company Fitness Coffee GVM (Teramo, Italy) is a manufacturer of high-quality healthy coffee-based beverages under the trade marks Fitness Coffee® and Cannabissimo®.

These products are designed to enrich the body with powerful antioxidants and nutrients that allow to maintain the vital resources of the whole organism.

All our coffee blends are made in Italy and sold globally for their superior taste.

All our coffees are natural, vegan and delicious. It's the simplest and tastiest way to support your health and stimulate your mind and body. www.fitnesscoffworld.com

You will find Cannabissimo Coffee at Hanfwarenhaus Booth 180 at the international Hemp Trade Show in Zurich.

Brüll Bier



Lindauerstrasse 21
CH-8317 Tagelswangen
+41 (0)44 200 43 43


Brewed with a lot of love and hemp.

Tthe fresh beer from www.bruell-bier.ch can be tasted at the Hanfwarenhaus stand 180 at the international hemp trade fair CannaTrade 2023 from 12 to 14 May, hall 622 in Zurich


Food and cosmetics


Kasernenstrasse 4b
CH-8184 Bachenbülach
+41 (0)44 782 88 88


Well-being & enjoyment for everyone

Herbalea is a brand of SWISS Gate AG.

SWISS Gate AG is a Swiss company that, with its own brand Herbalea, is  specialized in the manufacture and sale of products with ingredients from hemp plants in the areas of wellness, cosmetics, lifestyle & nutrition.

The company operates worldwide and stands for high Swiss quality, sustainability, competence and transparency.




Route de Bonnefontaine 4
CH-1724 Le Mouret
+41 79 585 99 11


Hemp is certainly one of the most versatile plants that humanity has known where the entire plant can be valued.

Our mission is to develop the hemp sector in Switzerland by advocating values of sustainability, innovation , quality and ethical.

On the internet you will find us under www.flowhemp.ch and at the CannaTrade from May 12 to 14 in Hall 622 in Zurich at the stand 180 Hanfwarenhaus.

Salben und Öle



Lorenza Huber
Schulhausweg 2
CH-9479 Oberschan
Tel +41 (0)77 448 40 30 


The products are mixed and stirred by hand and made with love.

The fine natural cosmetics are natural and sustainable and highly recommended.

Gravity United SA



Via Madonnetta 15
CH – 6900 Lugano
+41 (0)91 745 35 35  


Gravity United SA (GU) was born and developed with one of the simplest corporate and non-business philosophies; the SHARING OF KNOWLEDGE and OPPORTUNITIES.

The GU group operates on its own in various specific sectors, working side by side with external professionals where expertise or infrastructure cannot guarantee the SWISS MADE High Quality suitability of the Products and Services offered.

A 360° professional and qualitative VISION, a primordial input that the founders demand and profess to their collaborators and seek in their partners.

The know-how we have acquired allows us to search for maximum effectiveness in every field among the various ancient and modern techniques and those we have developed with integration and study.

You will be able to find our hemp cosmetics www.gravity united.ch, at stand 180 HANFWARENHAUS at the international hemp trade fair CannaTrade 2023 in Zurich. We look forward to seeing you from 12 to 14 May in Hall 622, Stand 180.

Herba di Berna

Food and cosmetics


Moserstrasse 46 (from may Scheibenstrasse 13)
CH-3014 Bern
+41 (0)31 503 12 22


www.herbadiberna.ch is a non-profit, family-owned company from Bern.

Our well-established team produces various hemp products with passion. We rely on natural, regenerative cultivation methods without artificial fertilizers and obtain our electricity exclusively from renewable energy sources.

We are strives to give the cultivated and useful plant cannabis its deserved place in society again.

Its possible uses are very diverse, and we make them accessible with our products.

At the CannaTrade from May 12th to 14th in Hall 622, Zurich, we are also represented at booth 180 Hanfwarenhaus.

Hemp Wood

Building materials


301 Rockwood Rd

USA- 42071 Murray KY

Tel. +1 (270) 293-0694


It all started with a love for nature and a knack for numbers. HempWood Founder Greg Wilson says that his passion for nature stems from his upbringing. "I have been blessed to be born into a lineage of the outdoorsman. My father and grandfather have taught me to live off the land and the importance of putting mother nature first."

Greg went on to get a degree in civil engineering and left the United States to work in the bamboo flooring mills of Anji, China. During his fourteen-year career, Greg was tasked with researching biomaterials to make hardwood. He tested over 200 plant species using an algorithm he developed in college and discovered HempWood.

HempWood - it had a nice ring and had market potential, but that idea was short-lived due to legal constraints. For years, HempWood was just a novelty item but all of that changed with the passing of the 2014 Farm Bill. In 2016, the first HempWood IP was filed and just two years later, on August 26, 2018, Fibonacci, LLC opened its doors to the public and began production.

To date, the HempWood Headquarters resides in Murray, Kentucky where operations are focused on carbon negativity, sustainability, and healthy materials. As the first USDA Certified BioPreferred Hardwood Flooring made in America, Fibonacci, LLC continues to pioneer the way for healthy, sustainable building materials.

Swiss Queen

Smoking products


Brandstrasse 49
CH-8952 Schlieren
Tel. +41 (0)44 730 15 15


The collaboration between Swiss Queen and Leopardo Negro cigars has resulted in the world's first CBD Robusto cigar from Switzerland.

Carefully crafted in the traditional Cuban way, the finest tobaccos and high quality Swiss indoor CBD flowers are blended to give you a smoking experience that is unique in the world.


Matériaux de construction


Vinschgaustrasse 33
I-39023 Laas
+39 0473 739937


Schönthaler Bausteinwerk was founded in 1964, when concrete blocks were produced by hand. In the meantime, hemp bricks are produced with a large brick machine, which also won the German Sustainability Award for Design in 2022.

Schönthaler is involved in projects with ETH Zurich, the University of Bolzano, Eurac and Salewa, and smaller projects are also being set up in Africa. Hemp bricks are CO² negative and consistently ecological, and allow building without insulation.

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